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We connect travel influencers and bloggers with operators, destinations & companies in the travel industry

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We provide content, insight and learnings from high quality travel influencers to corporates on the innovation and disruption relevant to the travel industry.

How Travelbriefers works with you

1. We match your challenges with the right travel influencers

We introduce travel bloggers & influencers that have relevant perspectives on how your industry landscape is changing.

2. You meet travel influencers to exchange ideas and concepts

We arrange workshops or projects with travel influencers to tackle the challenges corporates are facing.

3. Delivery and partnerships

You create joint ventures and partnerships with travel bloggers & influencers to create new disruptive businesses. In the meantime, we monitor delivery of collaborations with travel influencers.

Things Travelbriefers can help with

High quality content

Relevant, bespoke and viral content created by travel influencers. We help you develop a efficient content strategy.


In-person, private conversations with travel influencers

Interactive workshops

Interactive workshops with travel influencers.

Customised reports

Reports and projects with key insights and perspectives from travel influencers.

Roundtable discussions and dinners

Candid conversations with travel influencers to challenge the norm and share insights.


Curated online samplings of travel influencers opinions.

Talent acquisition

Identify and hire talent from the travel influencers community into corporates.

Phone consultations

One-on-one phone conversations with travel influencers.

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